0:06- #SharpeandChelleFell; Videographer/Video Editor
0:12- Nissan Mock-up Commercial; Motion Designer/Video Editor
0:16- Get to Know Bob Morris; Videographer/Video Editor/ Motion Designer
0:20- Rape Crisis Center; Videographer/Video Editor/Motion Designer
0:24- Drink It All Away- S.A.M. Presents; Videographer/Video Editor
0:29- iFolio Product Video; Motion Designer/Video Editor
0:33- A Night in France, Projection; Motion Designer
0:41- Dreamlords; Video Editor
0:44- Face to Face; Motion Designer
0:49- Outdoor Lab Documentary; Videographer/Video Editor
0:54- How to Use iFolio; Videographer/Motion Designer/ Videographer
0:57- #BarboneMe; Videographer/Video Editor