Hello! I'm Seb O'Dell. I'm a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design where I earned a BFA in Motion Graphics and a minor in Film and Television he has worked on various projects. I currently live in Atlanta working for Green Circle Demolition and as a freelance Video Content Creator. Before that, I had an internship with a local therapist and professor shooting her class at Mercer for her to us for her online school and play therapy conventions.  All of these experiences have made an impact on my life and get to learn more about life and how film and motion graphics can work into it.


I am currently open for projects to collaborate with local artists, designers, and couples looking for a wedding videographer. Besides designing and filmmaking, I have a passion for running, traveling, being outdoors, rollercoasters, and cooking. 

To view his resume, download it here.

Photo by Rank Studios