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Video and Motion Graphics Projects

Wintergreen Lighting/Christmas Lights Etc.

Whether it's our large commercial Christmas trees that people see at stores like Macy's or people simply buying lights and trees for their house, Wintergreen Lighting and Christmas Lights Etcare the biggest online Christmas retailer in the United States.


Stars and Shadows Wedding Films

Contracted for Videography for Atlanta Base Wedding Film Production Company.


Green Circle Demolition

Demolition Company in Atlanta brings brand awareness on what they provide.



An online portfolio for students, athletes, and businesses to show off their projects.

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Atlanta Leadership Gala Projection

A collaboration of SCAD Alumni and students to make a projection map at The Chateau Elan Winery for the Atlanta Leadership Gala. 

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When Theo tries to sell in the Shadow’s territory she learns that being a Dreamlord means more than having the biggest, best dreams on the market. 

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Find Me

A flirtatious young woman accepts a ride from a mysterious man who is keen on fulfilling his own desires, but not until she gets what she wants first.

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400 Pressure Wash

Atlanta-Based Pressure Washing Company tells the community about its services.



Marriage of Sharpe Sablon and Michelle Sacco.



The Marriage of Jason Barbone and Caitlyn Neff

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Drink It All Away

S.A.M. - Drink It All Away -Music Video 

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A Boy and His Bear

The journey of a boy and his bear going through life stages together.


Ashes and Dust

After the start of the apocalypse a group of queer girls, together as a family, move on for their survival.

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Outdoor Lab Documentary 

This documentary was inspired by what a great program Outdoor Lab is, why Jefferson County in Colorado has such a staple in the community, and why the high school leaders and interns mean so much to the program.

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